About Us

We met in 2011 while hiking. We knew “of” each other, but we didn’t “know” one another. That is a separate story in and of itself. We were both widowed and were lucky enough to find love again.


 7-7-14:  Scott and I were married at just under 14,000 feet across from the Key Hole at Long’s Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park. We were privileged to have our daughters, Danielle and Molly, and Molly’s friend Dave, by our sides as we proclaimed our vows.


8-27-14: My pop really wanted us to be married in the church since, by church law, we were both eligible. It was a beautiful ceremony that we were able to share with our family.


8-30-14: Post “weddings” reception at Bacari Grill.

5-9-18:  Scott turned 55 and finally was able to fulfill his dream to travel.  We got rid of many possessions and put the remaining items into a storage unit.  The deal was to be on the road for 15 months.  This is when I began our Blog.  

9-11-19:  Fifteen months was here in a blink of an eye.  We decided to continue for another year.  Since we had to be in New Jersey for a September 2019 wedding, we chose to explore the East Coast, heading north in October/November and then south to Florida for Christmas.

1-10-2020: We became new owners of our brand new 2020 Forest River Palomino Columbus Compass F3129DVC RV, and we made the decision to continue on our journey for another two years!! In order to make the extended journey doable, we both agreed that we needed a little more space. Specifically, we wanted reclining chairs that we could relax on during rainy weather and the cold winter months as well as a door to our bedroom. We were able to get more than we hoped for with our new fifth wheel.