Whidbey Island, WA: 7/8 – 7/26/2021

It is always wonderful to visit with Scott’s mom and stepdad at their home in Freeland, WA. Mom loves to cook and truly creates some delicious meals. Not only did we eat well, but we also enjoyed the game of Dominoes, along with lots of laughs.

Scott and I tried to get out each day for short walk/hikes. My ankle was healing nicely, and I continued to wear a brace to better protect it. We revisited some of our favorite hikes at the County Park (near Langley/Clinton area), Pitney Woods, and Ebey Bluffs.

Pitney Woods
Ebey’s Bluff

Spotted a bald eagle

We found a pickle ball court in Langley and played a few times. We met some folks that asked us to join their tournaments, but we were leaving the island the following week. It was during one of our games that I instinctually began to run after an escaping ball and realized that I could run without discomfort. It was a wonderful feeling for sure! No longer did I need to baby my ankle.

One weekend, Scott and I went on a two-night backpacking trip to the Olympic Peninsula with Mitch, Ani and Mila, (Scott’s family). Their two French bulldogs, Blu and Bubba, joined us. We parked at the trailhead and hiked in about 2.5 miles. We set up camp on a small island right on the river.

Start of our hike to camp
Crossing over the water to our island campsite
Our green tent
Scott’s morning stretch
Hanging out with Ani and Mitch

With Covid somewhat waning, our next plan was to first head east via Route 20 in Washington for some hiking in the Cascade Mountains. Next, we would continue east through Idaho and into Montana. Since the eastern side of Glacier National Park was closed in 2020 due to Covid, we thought we would spend a few days hiking there. Then, we would head north into Western Provinces of Canada, beginning with Banff in Manitoba. Ultimately, we would arrive in Alaska where we hoped to spend the month of September. We had reserved a site outside of Denali National Park for the first week in September so that we could meet up with my brother-in-law. After we fulfilled our Alaskan wonders, we would head back to Whidbey Island for another family visit. At this point, we talked about ending our full time adventure and find a place to settle down again.

By the end of July, the border to Canada was still not open. Scott and I made the decision to abort our Canada/Alaska plans for the second time due to the uncertainty of the actual border opening (along with any restrictions for non-essential travel) and the fact that my ankle was just beginning to get strong again. We would put off that trip to Summer 2022. We would put into effect Option 2 – traveling east along the northern border of our country. Now, with fires spreading in northwestern Washington, we had to somewhat revise our plans.

Next stop, Leavenworth, WA.


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